Preview: Art Beads

Art Beads, Coming Soon!

I’ve been making a whole bunch of art beads. I just wanted to show you a preview of what I’ve been working on. These will be going up on my etsy shop for sale, so stay tuned!

(Listing everything can take a while; it’s quite tedious. Those of you with etsy shops know this!)

completed art beadsgolden clay ring art beadsPsuedo Cuniform Tablet Art BeadRound Patina Art BeadTriangular Connector Art Bead

These are all made of air dry clay and painted with acrylic paint. They are all varnished as well. These beads and findings are very sturdy.

I don’t know if you can tell but I am inspired by history. I like to imagine discovering a hoard of ancient jewelry. What would they look like? This is what I’ve imagined. Think of these as Lemurian or Atlantean relics. (Replicas of course… only they aren’t really replicating anything real but what I see in my head. Who knows what their jewelry really looked like!)

Terri K. Jones

I am a freelance artist, designer and writer. Currently I’m focusing on my bold repeat print patterns.

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