Twinkling H2Os watercolors + Making Videos & Other Thoughts

2 packs for a total of 12 colors.
Well, I guess it’s not that bad. You can see some of the shimmer.
Note: see the holes? They’re air pockets. Also, note that my hands are freakishly small so isn’t the best scale to figure out how big/small a container is.










I don’t remember from where exactly, but bought these Luminarte Twinkling H2Os glittery/shimmery watercolor sets years ago and haven’t used them much until now. The colors are beautiful. The main problem is, I’m having a hard time photographing my paintings to show that they shimmer! It doesn’t show up in a scan or a still photo. I might have to make a video where I move my images this way and that way. I don’t have a good video camera. I’ve been wanting to. Maybe I can start making videos. Just random videos.

(Another issue with the paint is the disc of paint looks solid but I noticed a lot of them have hollow spaces inside, so you’re not actually getting as much as you think! Pretty sneaky, if you ask me!) But none of this is enough to turn me off from using these. I’d actually recommend them if you’re interested.

I don’t know that I would post them on Utube though. I mean, I love using Utube as a hub and it’ll be super easy to be found if you post your videos on there but there’s way too much negativity & pure stupidity on there. Also, videos are easy to steal if you post them on Utube. I think I’d rather post them here on my site and I’d have better control over it. It’s good to have your own website. Not a “site” hosted on a social media site like FB (page) or Utube (channel). I mean  sure you have to follow your host’s rules but my host seems reasonable. I’d think most are as long as you’re not doing anything illegal or running a hate site or something.

Many have noticed that FB shuts people down if they talk about certain things. Conspiratorial topics. I won’t be shut down. I’ll talk about whatever I want on my OWN website. Oh, and I am not on FB. I hate that site. I’m always being pulled to create a FB page for my business or I can only comment on something through a FB account. I think that’s a terrible idea. People just don’t act right on FB. It seems to bring out the absolute worst in people.

I enjoy a few specific niche social sites like IUOMA, which is hosted on Ning. I used to have a Ning site but they changed to an all pay model and I couldn’t afford it so I had to shut down my very active community. Oh well. It was good while it lasted.

On a happier note, check out my new unicorn mug. My mom got it for me at the Dollar Tree. It reminds me of the 70s.

Unicorn Mug from Dollar Tree
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