Preview: Art Beads

Art Beads, Coming Soon!

I’ve been making a whole bunch of art beads. I just wanted to show you a preview of what I’ve been working on. These will be going up on my etsy shop for sale, so stay tuned!

(Listing everything can take a while; it’s quite tedious. Those of you with etsy shops know this!)

completed art beadsgolden clay ring art beadsPsuedo Cuniform Tablet Art BeadRound Patina Art BeadTriangular Connector Art Bead

These are all made of air dry clay and painted with acrylic paint. They are all varnished as well. These beads and findings are very sturdy.

I don’t know if you can tell but I am inspired by history. I like to imagine discovering a hoard of ancient jewelry. What would they look like? This is what I’ve imagined. Think of these as Lemurian or Atlantean relics. (Replicas of course… only they aren’t really replicating anything real but what I see in my head. Who knows what their jewelry really looked like!)

My First Zazzle Purchase

Recently, I received the items I ordered through Zazzle. This is my first order from Zazzle. They’re from my own shop and I wanted to share some real-life, candid photos of the products so you know just what they look like!

Two all-over print totes:


A melamine plate:


Two mugs:


My mom liked my mugs so much that I ordered her one too! Should be here shortly.

To shop these items, please scroll down and you should see little widgets that will send you straight to these products. I have many more designs on countless products and I’m uploading new items nearly everyday. Yes, as they say, I fell down the Zazzle rabbit hole!

Zazzle Black Free Shipping Program!

If you purchase multiple products from Zazzle even once, it will probably be CHEAPER for you to join the Zazzle Black program. It gives you FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all Zazzle products for the low price of $9.95… per year! The reason it will pay for itself is that Zazzle products are printed all over the US, depending on what product you’re purchasing (the product base, not the actual design.)

For example: My shipping on these 5 items would have been $20… that’s double the cost of the Zazzle Black program! This is the total shipping cost of three separate shipments.

If you join, you’ll be given a 30-day free trial first.

Shop my designs

Tip: Leave Reviews – Get Coupons!

I’ve left reviews for everything I’ve received so far, and for every review I’ve left, I’ve received a coupon! So please, leave reviews once you receive your items and you will most likely receive a coupon for each review you leave! Don’t forget to take pictures to attach to your reviews.

Also, if you go to Zazzle, check the top of the site. I think they always have some kind of coupon you can use on your purchase.

My digital scrapbook paper packs in my new Etsy shop

Great news! I just opened my new Etsy shop: Terri K. Jones Designs

I’ve recently made a number of Digital Scrapbook Paper Packs and listed them for sale.

All packs contains 8 .jpg files that are of the highest quality (300 dpi) and are 12″ x 12″ in dimension, which equals 3600 pixels by 3600 pixels.

Once your purchase goes through, you’ll be able to download a .zip files (or files) containing all the papers along with the Terms of Use .txt file.

These designs are original and unique. They’re eye catching and stand out. Don’t get stuck in a rut with bland and boring scrapbook papers. Try something new!

Click the pictures to view the listing. (All links will open in a new window.)

digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy digital scrapbooking paper packs for sale on etsy

I’ll be posting all of these in my own online shop right here on this site as well, so you can choose where you want to purchase from.

More of these packs are in the works so stay tuned! Have a nice day.