Fresh Products in My Arcturian Zazzle Shop – Affinity Designer Artwork

I’ve been playing around on Affinity Designer, getting better and better. I know I still have a lot to learn but I’ve been having a lot of fun the past few days, since I bought another Frankentoon pack, and made some characters for my Arcturian Zazzle shop. Check it out:

I’ll be creating more characters and making more items. It’s very time consuming but, please, keep checking back for new items!

My Etsy dilemma

I’m trying to figure out what to do about my Etsy shop. I’ve made 6 sales so far. Just 6. My profit and cost is about the same! Is it worth it? It’s not free to list items on Etsy. I’m going to have to think long and hard about my Etsy shop. I love the way it looks. How it all looks put together. I even had one custom order!

I already taken off the auto-renew for some of my items. Mainly the ones that have never made a sell and rarely get views.

Maybe I should try listing some of my handmade beads and jewelry. Perhaps those will sell.

Mouse pad from Zazzle

I got the mouse pad I ordered from Zazzle in the the mail today. (They gave me $10 for my birthday so I ended up only spending $0.95 out of my earnings on there and of course, free shipping with Zazzle Black) Check it out.

The first thing I noticed was a very strong odor when I opened the package. An almost fishy chemical smell. But it faded quickly.

Second thing I noticed was the thickness of this mouse pad. It’s very sturdy unlike the one I was using up until today. That one was starting to separate into layers, curling and cracking. I shouldn’t complain since it was a free mouse pad. I’m not even sure where it came from.

Thirdly, the colors seem a tad faint compared to the actual graphics below but I think that might be due to the material that the design was printed on. Also, I really don’t recall if I was working in CMYK or RGB. Might have something to do with that. You can go on Zazzle and see other customer photos. (It’s really not as bad as my photos look. This thing was really hard to photograph true to form. What you see was as close as I could get to what my eyes are seeing. Maybe if I shot in natural sunlight… but it’s night and we’re expecting a few days of thunderstorms so that won’t be happening.)

I showed my mom and she immediately said she wanted one too, because it was nice and thick and looks so cool. So I’ll be ordering one for her. I’m going to surprise her with the design. (Not the same as mine.)

The funny thing is, when she saw my mouse pad, she said, “It looks like an alien language.”

And I told her that’s what it is! She knew.

It might be hard to believe but this design was made from this image below.

I scanned it and played around in Gimp to get it to look like this. Super easy!

Oh, also I made Zazzle Pro! Yay! I’ve been a member for years but only actually started listing seriously in December (of 2016). So in half a year I made Zazzle Pro. Don’t give up, Zazzle designers! It is very possible. Now for the other levels…. well, we’ll see!

My New Zazzle Shop: Arcturian

I opened a new Zazzle store called Arcturian where you can find my alien/galactic-related art. Check out what I’ve posted so far:

I am in the constant process of creating and posting more items. And of course creating new designs.

If you’re going to order something, make sure to look at the top of the Zazzle site for a coupon code. I think they always have a coupon code.

I actually purchased this mousepad. Zazzle gave me $10 for my birthday. And I use Zazzle Black so paid no shipping. I will post photos of the actual mousepad when it arrives. Should be here in a few days.

All Over Print Pillows!

So, I caught wind in the Zazzle forums that pillows sell well and I realized that I hadn’t really put my designs on pillows. I thought: Hey, my designs would work well on pillows! Why not give it a go? (I know there are many variables involved but I really think the tiled designs I do would work well on pillows.)

So here is a small sample of pillows featuring my most recent designs in the Monoprint Gold Blue collection. (I’ll have to go back and make these from my earlier designs as well.)


To keep track of my all over print pillows, keep an eye on this collection:

Updates: New Designs +Applied to Merch by Amazon

I’ve been working really hard on new designing to post on Zazzle. That’s pretty much taken up all of my time. I just wanted to share some of what I’ve been posting. (These are all up and available for purchase.)

I just opened a new Zazzle shop just for my monoprints.

Merch by Amazon

Also, today I applied to Merch by Amazon. It’s by invite only and I hear that it can take months to be accepted or denied. So it’s suggested that applicants work on their t-shirt designs while they wait. So I have a new task at hand! I hope I get accepted. I’ve got new ideas for t-shirts. Kind of like what I’m selling in Queen of Antarctica but less block images. Maybe more vector art. But the same type of topics. I’ve only pretty much heard great things about selling on Merch. So I’m excited. I’ll keep you all posted.

New Zazzle Shop – Artistamps, Postage Stamps, Mail Art, etc.

I made a new Zazzle shop to sell artistamps, postmarks (cancellation stamps) and other mail art paraphernalia. I’ve made some purchases yesterday. I can’t wait for the items to get here! Zazzle Black really comes in handy! I’m glad I subscribed. Only about $9 a year and free shipping on EVERY ORDER! To date, I’ve saved $40.84 on shipping! Wow. You’d be crazy not to use Zazzle Black.


The minimum order for the artistamp sheets is 25, so I think I will keep some and sell the rest on etsy, and also include a few in some mail art I send out.
With the free shiping and current 15% off discount, it was less than getting sheets printed off at FedEx Kinkos. Yes, I have a printer but for some reason, everything is printing out with big blue blocks across everything. I’m not sure how to fix it. It’s new ink (I bought cheap off ebay… maybe that’s the problem.) I mean I still print my shipping labels and have no problems with the postal people but I can’t print anything to sell myself right now, otherwise I would print one offs at home.
There’s a few more items in this store and I’m designing more. I have suggested many times to Zazzle that they offer 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking paper. It’s hard for a lot of people to print this large size at home and I don’t know if printers like FedEx Kinkos offers that size paper or how much it would cost.

My First Zazzle Purchase

Recently, I received the items I ordered through Zazzle. This is my first order from Zazzle. They’re from my own shop and I wanted to share some real-life, candid photos of the products so you know just what they look like!

Two all-over print totes:


A melamine plate:


Two mugs:


My mom liked my mugs so much that I ordered her one too! Should be here shortly.

To shop these items, please scroll down and you should see little widgets that will send you straight to these products. I have many more designs on countless products and I’m uploading new items nearly everyday. Yes, as they say, IĀ fell down the Zazzle rabbit hole!

Zazzle Black Free Shipping Program!

If you purchase multiple products from Zazzle even once, it will probably be CHEAPER for you to join the Zazzle Black program. It gives you FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all Zazzle products for the low price of $9.95… per year! The reason it will pay for itself is that Zazzle products are printed all over the US, depending on what product you’re purchasing (the product base, not the actual design.)

For example: My shipping on these 5 items would have been $20… that’s double the cost of the Zazzle Black program! This is the total shipping cost of three separate shipments.

If you join, you’ll be given a 30-day free trial first.

Shop my designs

Tip: Leave Reviews – Get Coupons!

I’ve left reviews for everything I’ve received so far, and for every review I’ve left, I’ve received a coupon! So please, leave reviews once you receive your items and you will most likely receive a coupon for each review you leave! Don’t forget to take pictures to attach to your reviews.

Also, if you go to Zazzle, check the top of the site. I think they always have some kind of coupon you can use on your purchase.